How We Role

Here at Nott Shots, we’ve worked with some major brands to produce some of the best creative assets they’ve ever seen.

We’re here to kick-ass, build brands and grow revenue through creative content. And we look for a very specific kind of client…

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What we offer

We love our creative production, and we’re damn good at it. If you want a cheap, all-in-one type agency that is unclear, slow to respond, and never has results to share, we’re not for you.

If you want an agency that knows how to make great creative, outstanding social media videos, will always reply quickly, and within minutes you can ALWAYS have a pulse on what’s happening, then we’re for you.

Companies That Trust Us

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creative agency

Imagine if your brand was seen by millions of people in a fun and engaging way. Imagine if you were seen as the best in your space. How would that make you feel?

With kick-ass ads, you can showcase your brand’s personality, values and what sets you apart from the rest. It’s about emotional connections, and loyal relationships.

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Where Our Stuff Has Been:


How would you describe what Nott Shots does?
We’re a creative production team that specializes in creating branding assets and commercials for brands.
“Branding assets and commercials” can range from product imagery for your listings, video campaigns complete with social media videos, and commercial productions meant to showcase your brand, product, or values.
What types of businesses are right for our services?
We only work with E-commerce and DTC brands with one or more physical products to sell.
What type of creative will you create for me?
Whatever we believe will work! We’re ready to do whatever it takes to create the best assets possible. (and you can be sure it’s going to be fun.)
Final deliverables will include both photo collections and commercial video ads that will make your brand $$$ on the backend.
What platforms do you create content for?
Our creative can be distributed organically on social media, websites, product listings, and posts; Most of the ads we create are used on Facebook and Youtube, as well as websites and product listings.
Is there a minimum commitment?
Every engagement is considered a “project,” and will be quoted accordingly. However, once we’ve created the photo, video, and graphic assets we have an add-on option after our partnership where we can manage your social media.
What do I have to pay for during our partnership?
We cover all of our production, editing, props, locations, talent, your Slack membership, and invoice processing fees within the flat fee we quote you. No BS.

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