Meet Your New Partners…

In an ever-evolving world, you need ever-evolving people – that’s us!

Starting a new business, launching a new product, or marketing an established business, our people are now your people.


Chay Nott

Chay is a coffee-obsessed, longboard-loving entrepreneur from Florida. His ultimate goal is to build the biggest creative agency the world has ever seen.

Senior Videographer

Evan Jordan

Evan has been a content creator for ~3 years, and puts in 110% to overachieve for his clients!

Senior Editor

Stephanie Zinnes

Stephanie Zinnes has been a professional video editor since 2013 and always strives to create meaningful and entertaining content.

Senior Photographer

Emma Ruby

Emma has been a photographer for ~3 years, and enjoys longboarding, bike riding, and going out to concerts.

Senior Graphic Designer

Jude House

Jude is a coffee-loving graphic designer who loves to create. He’s always been an artistic person, and has since applied that through highschool to grow his design portfolio, and launch his career!


Jennifer Nott

Jenny has been behind a camera most of her life, always the one documenting life.  She has been shooting professionally for over 15 years.  Her main goal for all shoots is to capture personality and emotion.


Jean-Baptiste Hansali

Jean-Baptiste Hansali is an international filmmaker from France. He recently completed his bachelor’s in Film and Media (BFA) at the University of Tampa, in Florida.

Editor, Colorist

Jake Butler

Jake is a video editor, colorist, and digital imaging technician from the Space Coast of Florida. He’s a tech nerd from a surf town with a passion for creating!

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