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Crossnet is a sporting goods brand that created four-square volleyball. They were in need of product images being taken of a few existing products, as well as some products yet to be unveiled.


We hired talent, scheduled crew, and were off to create. After multiple days of high-energy shooting, we were left to our desks to post-produce the content.

Fun Fact:
Multiple times during the shoot, our gear came very close to getting severe water damage multiple times! We should probably keep our cameras away from pools…

Second Fun Fact:

Crossnet’s partnership product with USA Volleyball (Crossnet, USAV Edition) became #1 best seller on Amazon after using our creative in their ads, socials, and listings. Pretty cool, right?


After multiple long days of shooting, we had successfully created over 200 useable images and 20+ videos for Crossnet. These creative pieces are now being used in print marketing, truck advertising, social media posting, social media ads, amazon listings, and many other areas that are currently contributing to the company’s sales!

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