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It’s 2022. Pool floats are seemingly a novelty that got left behind in the 90s. Kids and big kids alike don’t know the utter joy of riding the waters in their very own inflatable tanks or jousting with foam swords. Where’s the fun gone?

Well, Pool Punisher said enough’s enough; it’s time to make swim time hilarious again!

Pool Punisher is taking over the pool, one inflatable at a time and is taking fun to the next level.


How do you use the power of social media to make pool toys relevant again?

This is the dilemma Pool Punisher had when they approached the team at Nott Shots. Thankfully, we know that any product can be made desirable with the right shots, and we just so happen to love getting wet! (Our cameras…not so much).

We worked with Pool Punisher to establish their creative vision and understand their unique brand personality – we understood that they weren’t afraid to push boundaries and wanted to go the extra mile to develop an engaging, humorous twist to their content. 

Once we finalized a content strategy, we headed straight for the water, where we organized shooting locations, talent and crew to bring their creative vision to life.

After multiple days of high-energy shooting and frolicking in the pool, we headed back to our desks to begin the editing process.

Fun Fact:
Multiple times during the shoot, our gear came very close to getting severe water damage!! We should probably keep our cameras away from pools…


From this one shoot, we captured enough footage to create months’ worth of video content for their social media platforms, including Tik Tok and Instagram Reels.

We carefully crafted the videos to align with the social strategy ensuring optimal organic reach and engagement from their audience. 

As we continue to work with Pool Punisher, our mission is to grow their audience and accounts naturally via content their dream customers WANT to see and enjoy watching. This means being consistent with posting and with the tone of their videos so that views and comments convert to sales.

We believe in long-term success, not one-time success.

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